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Carnegie, PA 15106
Ladies: Been thinking about taking the step to trying boxing?? First off, we do not require that you spar or make head contact (but we do have ladies-only sparring).  Now that we're clear on that, here's a little motivation:

LADIES ONLY SPECIAL: If  you sign up for our intro class, bring a friend with you to try it out for FREE!! Two for the price of one! Limit one friend. The cost of the intro session is normally $50 per person (for both sessions) but you and your friend can both come to both sessions for a total of $50!  Try us out, see if you like us! 

What is the intro class?? If you have never trained in boxing before, then you are required to take two one-hour Intro classes prior to joining our club.  Intro courses are held on Saturdays at 1:15pm.  The Intro class is designed to show you the basics of amateur boxing beginning with your fighting stance, footwork, jab and cross as well as some basic defense - this way if you decide to join our club, you'll have the necessary foundation to come into class and hit the ground running. Please call the gym at 412-335-2419 or email us to pre register for this session.  These intro sessions are limited to small groups and fill up quickly. 

What happens after the intro sessions?  You are then eligible to join our club at the Basics level.  What is the Basics level?  The Basics class is your chance to haul off and hit something. This is the class that will teach you how to really move like a boxer. Don't get us wrong, the Basics class will still make you sweat like you haven't sweat before, but the focus is on fine-tuning your punches, blocks/defense, movement, and footwork. You will learn the dynamics of offense and defense, making you the most efficient and effective boxer possible.  Burn up to 1000 calories in one hour, learn a great sport and get into the best shape of your life! Non contact.   **NOTE: this special is only for ladies, but your "friend" can be a male.  Also, our classes are mixed gender so if you'd like to continue to work out with your friend, you can do so!

If you'd like more info about our programs, please see our FAQs page, Schedule page and Membership page.

If you would like to sign up for the intro class, email us now or call 412-335-2419!  These fill up quickly so don't wait!