How Do I Start Training At Wolfpack Boxing Club?

If you have never trained in boxing before, then you are required to take two Intro classes.  Intro courses are held on Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 11am. These classes teach you the basic fundamentals of boxing to help you prepare for class.  Please call the gym at 412-335-2419 or email us to pre register for this session.  This session is limited to very small groups and fills up quickly. 

The Intro class is designed to show you the basics of amateur boxing beginning with your fighting stance, footwork, jab and cross as well as some basic defense.  The Intro Classes need to be scheduled ahead of time with one of our coaches. The forms to start are located below.  Please print and complete each form - then bring with you to your first session.  There is $50 charge for the two sessions.  *If you have previous formal training, we will arrange for a special evaluation session to determine which class you would be enrolled in.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, wear whatever you are comfortable working out in.  We have everything you need to get started boxing (hand wraps, jump ropes, gloves, headgear etc)!  If you would prefer to purchase your own equipment, we recommend 16oz training or sparring gloves and 180" hand wraps.  These can be purchased at our gym.  You can also shop online at two world-class boxing sites: or  For your first session you'll simply need comfortable clothes (sweats, shorts, etc.). 

For future lessons, you may want to purchase the following:

1. Mouth guard
2. Hand wraps (180")
3. 14oz or 16oz training/boxing gloves

What happens after the Intro Class?

You can attend any of the classes (for your level) that we offer on the schedule.  You do not have to pre register for classes, you can just show up.  Please refer to our membership page for the current class descriptions.  Each class is one hour except for morning and lunch classes (45 minutes). View our class scheduleHere's a video on how to wrap your hands for class.

What do classes consist of?

Boxing is all that we do! Our classes are structured and will teach you all the aspects of boxing and also incorporate conditioning.  Typically, classes consist of drills, bag work, circuits and other forms of conditioning.  These are not an aerobics classes, we're here to teach you how to box and get you into boxing shape - and it will be the best workout you've ever experienced! Note: there is no head contact in the Basics class - and none is ever required unless a student intends to spar eventually.

Do you offer women's boxing classes?

Over 45% of our clientele are women.  However, we do not segregate our basics classes due to our non-contact policy but we do have a women's-only Intermediate class.  We have designed our programs so that everyone and anyone can come to our class and learn boxing safely...and more importantly, have fun and get into the best shape of your life!  We do offer a women's boxing special for new members!

Do you offer youth boxing classes?

Yes, we have a minimum age of 8 years old to join.  We currently have many children under 13 in our boxing classes - some of which even workout with their parents (who join with them).  We do require that parents remain on the premises during their child's class.

I do not want to compete; can I still come in and train?

YES!  The program was designed for just that reason.   Wolfpack has also found some of our best amateur boxers in our classes, so you never know - no sparring or head class is required to learn at our gym!

Do you offer training for people with Parkinson's Disease?

Yes!  We are a Rock Steady Boxing Affiliate.  We offer RSB classes Monday-Thursday from 10am-11am staring on January 16, 2017!  We require everyone go through a one hour, 1-on-1 evaluation before joining our program. The evaluation allows us to show you the basic fundamentals of boxing as well as lets us determine which "Pack" would be the best fit for you. We break our classes into two "Packs":  (1) the RED pack is for those who are far more progressed with the disease. The red group workout is less intense.  (2) the BLACK pack is for those who are not as far along in their progression. So this class is a little more intense. The cost of the evaluation is $25. We do request that you have a family member with you and that you've been cleared by your physician.  You can see our complete pricing on our membership page.  You can also learn more HERE.

What about membership?

Again, check our membership page.  Look at it as the more you buy, the cheaper it is per class.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, checks and cash. You can pay/renew online here.

Once I sign up for class, can I also use the facility to work out on other days?

Absolutely!  Once you are enrolled in classes, you are welcome to also use our facility any other days.  Open gym is included in our class membership. Like any other gym, there may be other classes going on so please be respectful.

Do you offer open gym for boxing only?

Yes.  You must either have previous formal training or attend our two intro courses prior to being admitted to our open gym membership. No classes or instruction is included with this membership.Classes take precedence on all equipment. Sparring is not allowed by open gym members except with prior approval from management.

Do you train MMA?

We are a boxing only club.  We do, however, help many MMA athletes on their boxing skills!  If you want to improve your stand-up game, call us!

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Click above for the new member waiver form that is required to be completed prior to your first introductory session.

NOTE: if you complete this form BEFORE you are scheduled for an intro session, you will need to call and get a date.
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Things to Remember:

- Walking into ANY fitness club or gym can be intimidating.  We have no "tough guys" at our gym.  Our club is a friendly atmosphere and most likely you'll see parents waiting for their kids, coaches greeting you and good people working out!

- Our trainers are current and former fighters that will train you as though you are getting ready to compete, so pace yourself!

- The success of boxing is in the repetition and conditioning.  As with any successful sport/exercise program, the individual is encouraged to start slow and build at their own pace.

- Please be at least 5 minutes early for your first intro class.  Showing up late will result in having to reschedule. There is a $25 no-show fee for intro sessions.  Must be rescheduled 24 hours in advance.

- Please be on time for class!