NOTE: FIrst intro sessions are Saturdays and Second sessions are on Sundays.  
If you are unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, Private Intro sessions are available. 

Circuit Class are open to all students/levels. The instructor will choose what class they want to prepared!
NOTE:  Basics classes have NO head contact.  Safe and fun!
All classes are 60 minutes except for Lunch Classes (45 mins) and PEE WEE classes (45 mins).
Hours and class schedules are subject to change.

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"Joining Wolfpack Boxing Club was one of the best decisions I've ever made!! Not only is the staff highly knowledgeable and experienced, they are friendly and fun! I've gained so much confidence and I've lost 70 pounds so far!!  Patti L., Wolfpack Boxing Club member


Intro Sessions:  Never boxed? That's ok! 99% of our students have never boxed previously. This two-session introductory-to-boxing course is designed to show you the basics of amateur boxing beginning with the fighting stance, jab, cross, as well as some basic footwork, and terminology.  Anyone who has not had formal boxing training (this includes Muay Thai, Jui Jitsu, Karate, and all other disciplines) must complete these two courses prior to being admitted to the club.  The Intro Classes are by appointment (pre-pay) and are held every Saturday at 1:15pm and Sundays at 11:00a (pre-registration required)  - and are limited to very small groups.  Pee Wee intro sessions are held on Sundays at 1:30pm and are also pre-registration/prepay only   **If you have had previous formal amateur boxing training, please advise a coach so that they can conduct a brief evaluation to determine your skill level and see if the intro session is needed.  To pre-register for the intro session, call the gym at 412-335-2419.  You will need to pay for the class in advance either via cash or by credit/debit card to attend.  Please call 412-335-2419 or email us in advance for availability.

Pee Wee:  Our youth boxing class is perfect for children ages 6 to 10 years old. This 45-minute session is a beginner-friendly class that is focused on developing technical boxing skills, discipline and athletic performance in boys and girls.  This safe and fun youth boxing class is educational, high intensity and combines technical boxing teaching with conditioning.  Our original and educational approach to teaching is what makes this class popular with kids and loved by families!  (Prerequistite: A one-hour intro to boxing session is required for incoming students and can be scheduled in advance by contacting us to pre-register. Ages 6-10 only. Non-contact)

Basics:  Real boxing training, minus the black eye!  This is the class that will teach you how to really move like a boxer. Don’t get us wrong, the Basics class will still make you sweat, but the focus is on fine-tuning your punches, blocks, movement, and footwork. You will learn the dynamics of offense and defense, making you the most efficient and effective boxer possible...minus sparring!  Whether you choose to progress beyond the Basics class or not is up to you.  You won't get bored in this class,  and it will challenge you mentally, emotionally and physically! Learn something cool while we push you to your limits!  (Prerequisite to this class is completing the Intro Class. All Levels, All ages,, Non-contact)

Intermediate:  Intro-to-sparring.  You get the real boxing experience here!  As you gain skill and confidence in the basics classes, you may want to move up to this class. The focus in these classes is on your technique and how to apply it to actual offensive and defensive situations in a controlled sparring setting. Partner drills focus on movement, strategy, style, control, and punch combinations. Whether you want to learn self-defense or prepare for competition, Intermediate offers an adrenaline rush like no other – plus, it’s an unparalleled workout. Members will need mouthpiece, headgear, groin protector and sparring gloves.  (Prerequisite to this class is completing the Basics Class. All ages. Coaches Approval Needed)

Advanced:  Competition level.  Whether you are looking to test yourself, or prepare for competition, you will put the pieces together in this class. Coaches match up members according to weight and experience, but unlike a competition, there is no winner or loser in sparring. These closely supervised sessions are educational and a prerequisite to participate in competition. We've produced 22 Golden Glove Championships in the past 6 years alone. Members will need mouthpiece, headgear, and sparring gloves.  (Prerequisite to this class is completing the intermediate Class. Coaches Approval Needed, USA Boxing Registration Required)

Circuit: We have combined the components of a professional boxer’s workout with extreme fitness drills. You will burn more calories – up to 1,000 per hour – and build more muscle definition than any other workout in the shortest amount of time. Kiss your boring weights and cardio machines good-bye! This class is for all levels and features work on the heavy bags, speed bags, uppercut bags, double-ended bags, medicine balls, and jump rope. Perfect for boxing conditioning!  (Prerequisite to this class is completing the Intro Session.  All Levels, Non-contact)

"As a group fitness instructor, I love Wolfpack not only because it's a real physical challenge but also love the mental challenge that is boxing.... Especially as a beginner. Mental and physical training in one!! ~Corinna M., Wolfpack Boxing Club member

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